JOUSEN is a company specialized in shoes ,committed to using their expertise to bring happiness to the people.There is not only a young and energetic team, but also the support of customers from all over the world. More importantly, JOUSEN takes customer satisfaction as its purpose, they are professional and efficient, and provide customers with high-quality shoes.And all this comes from love.

     The beginning of the story is very simple, When I was a student, I was very poor and only had a small cost of living every month, so I felt inferior and my life was plain.But one day, I met the lover in my life, and my life has changed dramatically.She was very beautiful, cheerful and lively,we often go to play, climb and travel together.Because of her, I know many kinds of different people,and became lively.At that time,although I was not rich at all, my girlfriend loves me very much.

     Two year after we were together,we participate in her best friend's wedding together, everyone is very happy,and so am I.In the happy atmosphere of the wedding, when I felt that I had begun to integrate into them, suddenly there was a burst of tingling in my feet.My hind feet are worn out, blood is flowing out, and my toes have a lot of blisters.I was very frustrated,to show the importance of the wedding, I specially went to the store to buy a pair of formal shoes that I can afford.It was very hard, but good quality shoes are extremely expensive.Unfortunately,because of this pair of shoes, I missed the opportunity to dance with my girlfriend.I can only sit aside and watch them dance, watch them talk.I always thought they secretly looked at my feet, it made me very uncomfortable and embarrassment.Back home, I am very upset for my girlfriend to say sorry: “Because this shoes, I destroyed your mood and make you embarrassed.”She was very considerate of me.At that time, my girlfriend answered me inadvertently:“You know shoes,why not make comfortable shoes by yourself?”

     I stumbled, and then an impulse came to my heart, I asked myself: Why not? First of all,although the quality of top brand shoes is good, not everyone can afford it.What’s more,I majored in shoes design at university,so that I know how to make good quality shoes within reasonable cost.However, it is not easy to quit my job and start my own career at once, so I turned to my teacher Professor Lee, who has engaged in shoes engineering and science for more than 30 years. Fortunately,he encouraged me to go for my brave adventure.We started my career with a few friends who has similar interests.

     In order to give each buyer a satisfactory experience, we have made a lot of efforts in material selection, design and quality. Now every pair of our shoes has good durability,standard size and beautiful design. Besides, we work with leading material suppliers to develop comfortable insoles that are cost-effective.

     When I think someone is wearing our shoes to work, go to school or even attend a weeding, I believe all our efforts is meaningful. And in June 2018, my girlfriend and I got married. I sent a pair of our shoes as a gift to every friend who came to my wedding.Because the shoes, I found the target, and can have a lifetime of dedication to the cause.Because of shoes, I became confident to take care of her lifetime.

     Uphold treat with love for each pair of shoes, which is JOUSEN commitment.